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Attention book lovers!

If you're looking for something different to read your children or for your children to read themselves, look no further than Goodreads for recommendations! For some good ideas, check out this link: Alternatively visit: to discover what Apollo has to offer. #reviewapollosbooks #stitch #thenix #tarsha #wheretocross #thesnoffs #clevermrcat #thetroops


Having dusted off this old publication, that was little more than a short booklet, I have revised and expanded it, and am proud to announce, its re-launch after 27 years in obscurity! Learmerickish is my first adult only publication and worlds apart from the type of books you may have come to expect from me. For those of you who never discovered or even heard of this publication back in 1996, and are wondering what to expect, I will tell you it contains personal observations,

A cracking idea for Christmas!

What better gift could you possibly give at Christmas than that of a book? In Iceland the custom of giving a book on Christmas eve is a long standing tradition, and one which I think is a wonderful idea that perhaps we should all adopt. Books offer so much and in comparison to a lot of presents, are relatively inexpensive. They are engaging, thrilling, educational, entertaining and leave lasting impressions. I recall, as a child receiving at least one Annual every year and to

Apollo's Tale

Born in the land of Nodnot, Apollo Stark was a daydreamer of a child who loved nothing more than spending his days having crazy adventures in the magical and fertile realm of the mind, for there, he could escape Tickety-boo which was his inappropriately named family home. His parents were a self-absorbed pair who showed little interest in his abilities or education and seemingly favoured the questionable hippy notion of nature over nurture. So having dreamt all day, by night

Free Competition still open!

Have you read Stitch and Stitch Too-The Re-stitched by Apollo Stark? Are you looking forward to reading the third book in this series once it’s released? If you answered yes, this free competition is definitely for you. But if you haven’t read them yet, it’s not too late to start discovering the world of Stitch, and who knows, you may still be in with a chance of winning a prize in one of Apollo’s competitions! For your chance to win one of these ten, exclusive, limited editi

Get freebie activities for children right here!

To compliment his road safety storybook 'Where to Cross', Apollo has produced a series of activities of varying difficulty for primary school aged children. No purchase necessary. They are free to download on his website and can be found by clicking on this link: However, if you do wish to purchase the book, on which these activities are based, it can be bought for £9.98, right here: ttps://

Free to enter Competition coming soon!

I've recently had some quality pin badges made that depict the weave of creation symbol as featured in my Stitch books and am planning to give them away to a lucky few. If you have read the first two books in this series, you could be in with a chance of winning one! If you haven't read the novels yet, now is the time, for I will shortly be releasing a competition in which the first ten individuals who answer a few questions based on the books, will have a chance to win one o

Stitch 3 underway.

Hi everyone I just thought you might like to know that I have begun work on the third book in the Stitch series: Stitch Resurrection. Get prepared for fresh surprises and revelations! An ancient celestial clock is ticking. An old rival returns. The weave is drawn upon for evil purposes and Maisie Evan's ultimate battle is coming! If you haven't already read the first book in this series, now is the time to grab your free copy on Amazon Kindle unlimited. Alternatively, the e-

Pants or what?

Yes, pants! It's probably the best way to describe my ability when it comes to using social media. I never know what to say in the moment, or at least not until after a discussion has ended. Then comes the flood of words I was looking for, and then I kick myself. The reason for this? That's how I am. As a child, this temporal displacement disorder, (or messed up time thingy as I like to think of it), made making friends difficult to say the least. What to say, when to say it

The Re-stitched is here.

The proofs are in! And the proof's in the pudding so it's said. Indulge yourself in a slice of Apollo Stark's Stitch and its sequel. But be warned, if you like the flavour of his writing, the third book in this series is still be written, so you may have to lick your lips in anticipation whilst Apollo cooks up the next instalment. The third serving, he promises, will be like a dessert with a cherry on top. So tuck into the first and second courses he's provided, and taste wha

Support you local writer

Explore the world of Apollo Stark #revieapollosbooks #stitch #the nix #thesnoff #thetroops #clevermrcat #tarsha #wheretocross?

Why should I?

Being a traveller of the otherworld, (that being imagination), I write what I see, think about and love whilst there. This is why my works are so varied. I do not conform to the norm as far as what is expected of an author. Is that a crime? It would seem so. For whilst imagination is boundless, limitless, and its expression finds form in the books I produce, to market them, there appears to be a wall to over come. Genre. For most writers, this is not a problem. They have thei


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the most recent collaboration between Apollo Stark and Sarah Tuk, called 'The Nix', is now published and available to buy. You can get the hardback, A4 landscape version from the Lulu Bookstore priced £11.43 by simply following this link: Alternatively it can be bought from Amazon as an A5 landscape, paperback versi

With the sequel coming shortly....

In a matter of weeks the long awaited sequel to Stitch will be published, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind people who may not have read the first book in this series, that you can get a free copy on Amazon's kindle unlimited. Alternatively it is available to buy on kindle, price: £3.99 or in paperback, priced: £6.99 Please follow the link below to grab a copy.

On Goodreads...

Finally, Stitch, Where to Cross, Tarsha, The Snoffs, Clever Mr Cat and The Troops are available to order and review on Goodreads. Apollo will also be available on their site to answer any author questions you may have on a weekly basis, though his main blog will continue to be through his website which is linked to twitter, facebook, linkedin and instagram. Visit: #reviewapollostarksbooks #authorapollo #Stitch #clevermrcat #thetroops #thesnoffs

Cast out. Reel in! I'm officially a Pod bod!

David Edward, Author and Host of the Frequency 99 Podcast, kindly invited me to talk about 'Stitch'. I don't profess to be interviewee material but was excited to give it a go. With some erms, more erms and a smattering of erms for good measure, I hope I gave a reasonable interview without coming across as a total twonk. Let me know! Answers must be written on vellum and posted by first class Chittergoon flight delivery. Alternatively, drop me a social media message! Here's t

Stitch goes LARGE!

Quite literally the cover of Apollo Stark's book 'STITCH' is larger than life and ready for promotional events! #reviewapollostarksbooks #stitch Visit us at:

A Stark Collection?

Here it is folks, the first snapshot of all Apollo Stark's picture books for young children that have been produced in the last year or so. These lovely A4 landscape, hardback books are currently only available to buy through the Lulu Bookstore, but later this year will also be purchasable as paperbacks on Amazon. As soon as the release dates are finalised we will let you know. Meanwhile, Apollo Stark and Sarah Tuk have been working on an addition to the collection. Updates o

Preparing to ride the waves!

I'm not sure that I'm great interviewee material, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I was recently approached to be interviewed for a new podcast called Focus on Writing. The production company Frequency 99 are based in Florida and apparently want to talk to me about my book Stitch! I'm having a pre-cast chat with their host and fellow author David Edward in mid-April to discuss amongst other things, the airing date, so watch this space for an update. I'm really looking

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