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Stitch Too

 The re-stitched

The long awaited sequel to Stitch is here!

An Ancient Obsession

A Laboratory Created Girl

And A Family Revelation

A dark obsession as old as the ancient, magical needles is looming.

For countless generations, descendants of Cernobi the murderous brother of the needle’s creator, have searched for them, intent on obtaining their magic power.

Seeking absolute control over creation, one such descendant, Magnus Cerne, turned to science to manipulate the weave. Building himself a powerful corporation controlling cutting edge technology, he will stop at nothing to realise his quest.

With circumstances stacked against her, Maisie Evans is forced to face her destiny. But will her ability to control the needles be enough to stop them being taken for evil’s gain?

Now available to buy in the Amazon book store in both paperback and kindle e-book versions or alternatively from Barnes and Noble by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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