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An immortal black cat

A pair of magic knitting needles

An old woman who is more than she appears to be

And a carpet bag that thinks it is a dog

Who thinks knitting is magic?

Maisie Evans certainly didn’t but she was in for the surprise of her life. She didn’t know she had a spark within her, a special connection to the weave of creation, the ethereal energy which binds everything together.

But her new next door neighbour, Granny Stitch knew.

The old woman had been searching for half a century for someone with that spark to become a new Keeper, the protector of an ancient and magical pair of knitting needles capable of knitting anything their user could imagine and then transforming it into reality.

Despairing of ever finding a true Keeper, Granny Stitch had already tried to train another girl. But, realising she was dangerous the old woman rejected her. With vengeance in mind, Amber Trumpington-Smythe vowed to stop at nothing to obtain the needles and unleash demonic forces that could destroy everything Granny Stitch held dear.

Can Maisie overcome her own selfishness and fear, and learn to control the needles before they are warped to evil?

This book is available to buy on Amazon in either paperback or e-book. Paperback price: £6.99  Kindle: £1.99

Alternatively it can be purchased from Barnes and Noble for $9.50

To order your copy, please click on the book cover image and you will be directed to Amazon, or it can be found on Barnes and Noble bookstore website.

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