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On the faraway land of Whatado.....

Drawing upon the influences of Dr Seuss and Edward Lear, this rhyming picture book story is a simple tale about racism and what happened when the Green Nix came to live on an Island inhabited by Red Nix.

Being a proud grandfather to two lovely little boys who are mixed race, (English-Ghanaian), I wanted to write them a simple tale regarding race and how differences can be overcome, in the event that god forbid, they are faced with the narrow minded bigotry that still lurks in society.

I hope this, my paltry offering on the subject, will in some way contribute towards people of every race accepting one another for who they are, and not judging them on the colour of their skin.

Published in August 2022. Available to buy on Lulu Bookstore in A4 hardback or on Amazon in A5 paperback 

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