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Illustrator of: The Snoffs, Clever Mr Cat, Tarsha and The Nix

Sarah Tuk is an American-born illustrator working in London. Having obtained a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from University of the Arts London, she is now working towards a BA in illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts.

    In addition to illustrating children’s books, Sarah has created several, album covers and posters, and has also worked with GrooveKSQ to design T-shirts and merchandise.

   Sarah enjoys painting, creating digital illustrations, and producing animations. Her work is best described as colourful and playful. Apollo Stark has had the pleasure of collaborating with Sarah on three children’s books and looks forward to working on additional projects with her.

    In the future, Sarah wants to write and illustrate her own children’s books. To view her portfolio please follow the link below:

Sarah also has a lovely shop on Etsy through which she sells her art. You can find it here:

Below are a series of video clips of Sarah working on the block prints for Apollo Starks book 'TARSHA'.

Video Channel
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