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What's it all about?

There once was a man called Lear,

Who wanted our spirits to cheer,

With a lickety-split, he used his sharp wit,

An assumption to which I adhere.

Learmerickish  was first published by me in 1996 as a  small booklet, the aspiration behind its title, to allude to it containing limericks ‘kind of like’ Lear’s.

As with the original publication, this revised and expanded second edition contains a degree of satirical, social observation, nonsense, smutty humour and historical commentary. Each limerick has been illustrated by the author using Indian ink and fountain pen.

Whilst I do not use profanities in this book, (for Lear never used them), it does to a degree rely on double entendres for humour in some of its pieces, whilst in others the content is quite blatant. It also contains illustrated content which some might consider risqué or even dark. This is Apollo's first book purely for an adult market!

I hope you find this contemporary homage to Edward Lear, amusing, shocking and thought provoking to read.

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