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Currently a work in progress

This anthology of spooky, supernatural tales with unexpected twists,


A blood pact of paranormal proportions

The invocation of a dark angel

A hellish train-ride

A soul absorbing mirror

And nine other darkly entertaining stories of horror to intrigue.

First written back 1993, but never published, this series of short stories has been hidden in a dusty leather trunk for nearly thirty years, until Apollo recently rediscovered them whilst taking stock of many strange and inexplicable artifacts, he’d accumulated over years during his exploration of bizarre and hitherto undiscovered locations. Pushing aside a talisman painted in his own blood that sat at top the trunk, he dusted the attic cobwebs off it and retrieved the leather bound tome that was his early works. Considering its content, he decided it was time to release the words secreted within the crispy, time worn pages, to resurrect the stories that he had dared to base on the supernatural events and experiences that have since shaped his life. Whilst intended for a young adult audience, these tales contain strong adult themes and content which will be shocking at times, and are most defiantly not suitable for children.

This is Apollo’s stark.

These are his manifestations.

Enter if you dare!

Available soon.
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