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Free Children's Activities!

Based on and complemented by my book 'Where to Cross', the following free activity pages are for primary school children and designed to make road safety fun whilst learning. Simply continue scrolling down to chose which of the activities you wish to download and click on its accompanying button. The activities are of varying difficulty, and once downloaded they can easily be printed off to A4 size.

If you would also like to purchase the book, priced £9.98 plus postage, please click on the button below.

Free children's activities: Welcome


How many words do you think you'll be able to find?

Free children's activities: About Me
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The subtle changes are hard to spot

Do you think you can find the lot?

Free children's activities: About Me
Colouring in page.jpg

Coloured Pencils are all you need

Make this picture a brighter scene

Free children's activities: About Me

Tiny Toad's Maze

The road is as dangerous as can be. Do you think you have what it takes to find the only way to safely reach her friend Tiny Toad?

Free children's activities: About

Dot to dot

Starting at number one, can you count upward and join the dots as you go?

Complete the task to discover which of Tiny Toad's friends this page will be!

dot to dot.jpg
Free children's activities: About Me

Can you work out what letters are missing?

fill in the blanks to discover what each sentence says.

Free children's activities: Welcome
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Quiz Time

This free download contains three quiz pages, one on road safety general knowledge and two on road signs. It also comes with a separate page of answers.

Free children's activities: About
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