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The most obvious question any author usual gets asked is, where did you come up with the idea for your story. In the case of this novel, it came in the form of a challenge when someone said to me, could you write an exciting story about knitting!

Knitting! Of all things! A subject I knew nothing of. But, the gauntlet had been thrown down and I took up the duel. This will require research, I told myself. What on earth is knit one purl one? What magical abilities could a pair of knitting needles possibly have? You make things with them, jumpers and scarves and the like, but... a sudden thought occurred to me, what if they could make anything? It was only a seed of an idea, but as I began to explore the possibility and wrote notes, a synopsis for the book took shape and I grew ever more excited by the concept I worked on. This has a lot of potential, it could even be a series I realised as I developed a premise and plot for the story, fleshed out character profiles and found myself suddenly immersed in a strange new world. A world where knitting needles act as supernatural wands! 

   Stitch, is the first book of trilogy I now plan to write. for teens/young adults. It lays the ground for a much darker story where the worlds of science and magic collide. Come join me on the journey as the yarn unravels, discover the true nature of knitting and the magical power it can unleash!

weave of creation symbol.jpg

The Weave Of Creation

Imagery is a big part of our lives. People identify with logos, icons and religious symbols, and what they stand for, sometimes without even realising what they truly represent. They buy into a 'brand', what it offers, the life style it portrays and the unspoken promises it makes. The world is littered with them, commercial, industrial, retail, supernatural, metaphysical, pantheist, monotheist, iconoclastic and a plethora of others. 

As I submersed myself in writing Stitch, the thought occurred to me, there should be a symbol to represent the weave of creation. Why not? After all, I thought, an invisible force permeating all creation deserves one, doesn't it? So, I set myself the task of designing a sigil suitable for that purpose, an emblem unlike any other. Hopefully the image is self-explanatory!

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