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This series of short stories was first written back 1993, yet, they were never published. However, three of the stories from this collection, namely The Staff, Summoning the Reaper and Herne’s Legacy were narrated by myself and recorded during the autumn of 1995, and subsequently aired on a radio program called ‘This Island Earth’, which was an evening broadcast produced by a station called Sound Radio in Tottenham. At the time, the original concept and working title for this series was called ‘The Langley Manifestations’. Based around a fictitious village named Langley, which was situated on a spiritual ley line. They chronicled the unnatural occurrences within it as see through the eyes of a reporter, who out on a country hike, happened upon the troubled village. Since then, these stories have languished in a leather trunk, not having seen the light of day for 29 years. Being reviewed and re-written, they have now been resurrected as a collection of stand alone tales, with the revised title of Manifestations. The accompanying cover image on this page is a work in progress and is not the finished article that will be on the published book.

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