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What a to do! When the Green Nix arrive on the Red Nix shore it creates a clamour and a huge uproar, for the Red Nix do not like it one little bit, not a smidgen, a tad, or even a nip!
Apollo Stark’s ‘The Nix,’ is the second Seussian styled story he has written, but this time a smattering of Edward Lear-like nonsense has been thrown in for good measure! The Nix is a tongue testing story, smattered with nonsensical words and portmanteaus, which splash his rhyming verse with dashes of colourful craziness to delight both young and old alike.
It is now available to buy on Amazon in A5 paperback.
To order a copy, please click on the Amazon button below. Alternatively, it is available on Google play Books in e-book format. To grab a copy, please click on the google button below.

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