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The Snoffs

How they came to be

"I do so like green eggs and ham, Thank you! Thank you, Sam I am!"
Having read Dr Seuss to my son, it got me thinking! Could I? Should I, try to write, a tale which would so delight? But what would make entertaining subject matter? I had no idea, until, one day, whilst picking my son up from school, I overheard two children bragging to one another about what they had been bought for Christmas. It sparked an idea, and the idea grew the more I considered it.

The Snoffs book front_edited_edited.jpg

If they were adults, what would those children be like? Would they be snobbish or toffish?
or something quite different? Something snoffish! I began to image how ridiculous the characters might behave, and inspired by that seemingly insignificant moment, The Snoffs were born. 
I bought them to life with words, but they needed illustrating.

coin toss.jpg
Revised pages 4.jpg
Revised pages 3.jpg
Revised pages 2.jpg
b&w sample.png
snoff concept drawing001.jpg

Fortune smiled on me. A Talented art student named Sarah Tuk expressed an interest in working with me on the project. Together we developed a storyboard and worked on the look and style of the book, our objective being to give it a modern 'Seussian' feel. The accompanying images show that work in progress. No prizes for who's sketches are who's!

snoff book plan001_Page_01_edited.jpg
Snoffs layout sketches_Page_01.jpg
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