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A Matter Of Chatter

Written by Apollo Stark and Illustrated by Sarah Tuk

A Matter of Chatter is an eclectic mix of nursery rhymes, verse and nonsense for young children.


Come, meet Mr Odds ‘n’ Ends

Find out the benefits of wearing Odd Socks

Hear the Hullabaloo

Discover Royal Mayhem

and much, much more.


Drawing inspiration from the nursery rhymes of his childhood, Apollo Stark wrote and published this, his first ever book, in 1995. This revised and expanded second edition, unlike its predecessor, contains previously unpublished pieces and beautiful, new illustrations by the talented Sarah Tuk.

Adding to, and aiming to enrich the tradition of telling and reciting of nursery rhymes, ‘A Matter of Chatter’ will make a delightful edition to any child's bookshelf. 

Available to buy in paperback on Amazon or Barnes and Noble,

and as an e-book on Google Play.

To purchase your copy, pleas click on the required link button below.

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