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Clever Mr Cat

Illustrated by Sarah Tuk

One day, a hungry cat walking in a wood, spotted a pigeon in a leafless tree.
“Good Morning Mrs Pigeon,” said the cat. “You are clever to be able to fly, but you’re not as clever as me.”
Using repetition, Apollo Starks’s fable, Clever Mr Cat is a great way to help young children become familiar with, recognise and learn new words, and this story, in the much loved tradition of Aesop, is not only darkly entertaining but also has a moral ending to the tale.
This book is available to buy on Lulu Bookstore. To order a copy, please click on the book cover to be directed to where you can purchase it. Alternatively, it can be bought in A5 landscape paperback by clicking on the Amazon button below, or if you prefer, it can be bought in e-book format on Goggle Play Books by clicking on the google button below.

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