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Stitch Part Two

The sequel to Stitch

With a magic pair of needles capable of making anything their wielder desired, how could I not write a sequel to Stitch! But where could I take it? 

I realised there was a similarity between something having been knitted and the construction of every living thing. They all are, for want of a better, simple word, 'woven' together. Scientists are currently working on ways to 're-knit' dna, to eradicate disease, to correct genetic flaws in people and create crops that grow bigger in order to solve the world's food shortage problem, and it doesn't end there. All very admirable goals, you might say, but to my mind there are ethical and philosophical floors to their endeavours. What cost is involved in altering nature's design? Things can go wrong, whether intentional or not.

For instance, if we create bug resistant crops, what happens to the bugs that live on them, or the birds that feed on the bugs, or the animals that feed on the birds?

What if, those involved in this manipulation of nature have their own agenda? The patenting of food crops for instance? Saleable only to those who can afford them and indebting those who can't. Or things much worse. Terrifying things of pandemic proportions. 

This dark side, I decided is where I would have my heroine tread. This ground would be where she would do battle with those dark forces to protect the integrity of the weave of creation.

I hope this, the second book in the Stitch series lives up to your expectations. 

It is now available to buy on Amazon in paperback or E-book. Also Available from Barnes and Noble

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