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The Re-stitched is here.

The proofs are in! And the proof's in the pudding so it's said. Indulge yourself in a slice of Apollo Stark's Stitch and its sequel. But be warned, if you like the flavour of his writing, the third book in this series is still be written, so you may have to lick your lips in anticipation whilst Apollo cooks up the next instalment. The third serving, he promises, will be like a dessert with a cherry on top. So tuck into the first and second courses he's provided, and taste what what's on offer. Stitch and Stitch Too The Re-Stitched are available on Amazon in paperback, and Stitch is also available to read for free on Amazon Kindle and Wattpad. Free nibbles? Can you resist? Grab yourself a copy today and taste test Apollo's books.

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