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A disappointing conclusion.

Having been invited to read my stories on Christmas eve to the children on Ward 24 of Wexham Park hospital in Slough, imagine my disappointment when I was cancelled at the last minute. Staff shortages, apparently. I consoled myself with the fact that a large and varied selection of my published works were donated to those very same children as Christmas presents, and that I would, in due course, be informed if they had been well received or not. But I heard nothing despite assurances and various pledges. No confirmation came from the ward that the books were even given out on Christmas day.

Given the enthusiastic, initial contact with their staff, I subsequently found the whole experience to be quite disillusioning. All in all, quite disappointing and upsetting given the effort I made.

Whilst acts of charity do not expect thanks or gratitude, I would say, polite acknowledgement, even belated, costs nothing. I won't be holding my breath though!

Now, in the absence of a spokesperson for those I dealt with on Ward 24, I offer thanks to Janine Spearing of Novanta Designs for making a gift of my books to the children who were in Wexham park hospital Christmas just past.

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