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A cracking idea for Christmas!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

What better gift could you possibly give at Christmas than that of a book?

In Iceland the custom of giving a book on Christmas eve is a long standing tradition, and one which I think is a wonderful idea that perhaps we should all adopt. Books offer so much and in comparison to a lot of presents, are relatively inexpensive. They are engaging, thrilling, educational, entertaining and leave lasting impressions. I recall, as a child receiving at least one Annual every year and to this day I remember nearly all of their titles, but strangely I have no recollection of the other presents I received. Remembering being given Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan and a plethora of other books still puts a smile on my face, for they fired my imagination and inspired me to write my own stories. Now, as a published author, it is my sincerest hope that my works are as welcomed and enjoyed this Christmas as the books I was given as a child.

To discover what books I have to offer, get background info on them, find out where to purchase them, and much, much more, please visit my website:

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