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As of today, on Google Play!

Books one and two in Apollo Stark's teen fiction series called 'Stitch', are now available to download from Google play books, priced £1.99.

So, if you're searching for a truly original fantasy tale, where the worlds of magic and science collide, look no further! Follow the adventures of Maisie Evans as she learns how to wield a pair of mystical knitting needles that are capable of creating whatever she imagines. Discover the needles history and the dark nemesis pursuing her who seeks to control their incredible power.

Grab yourself a copy today and enter the world of STITCH, where monstrous creatures, futuristic machines and magical powers abound! To obtain a copy, simply follow this link:

Apollo Stark is currently writing the third book in this exciting trilogy and aims to have it completed early next year. To discover more about Apollo's books, to find out what else he has written and produced, please visit his website: #stitch

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