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Pants or what?

Yes, pants! It's probably the best way to describe my ability when it comes to using social media. I never know what to say in the moment, or at least not until after a discussion has ended. Then comes the flood of words I was looking for, and then I kick myself. The reason for this? That's how I am. As a child, this temporal displacement disorder, (or messed up time thingy as I like to think of it), made making friends difficult to say the least. What to say, when to say it and having no filters when speaking were problematic, and I found it better to keep my mouth shut lest I got myself into bother. So, at school I became the invisible boy, the one nobody ever noticed or gave a second thought to. Invisibility had its advantages. No bullies and the kind of uninterrupted solitude I thrived on to indulge my passions of reading and writing. It's disadvantage, I began talking to myself, which only became an issue if I was overheard expressing my sometime caustic opinions on those around me. Nevertheless, the fact remains, I still talk to myself to this day! Not that I'm complaining about it. I have some quite interesting discussions with me and me at times! Does this make me crazy or plain old eccentric? And does it matter? I'll let my writing speak on my behalf!

Being a lone wolf so to speak, pen and paper are my best friends. We have built an army of words and the army has marched boldly across many a landscape of pages, slaying wicked monsters and rescuing the distressed along the path of novel writing. Together we have forged new worlds to explore and shared many adventures. Who could ask for better friends? And so, I say, give three cheers for Pen and Paper!

Bearing in mind my character flaw of being stuck in a temporal conundrum, I humbly apologise in advance for what might appear to be a lax approach when replying to any questions you might have regarding my work or mailing my website members. I will do my utmost to respond to you all, but ask that you please be patient. Mr Pen and Mrs Paper demand a lot of my precious time, so I hope that what we fervently produce for you read, makes up for my other failings.

Bless you all,

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