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Why should I?

Being a traveller of the otherworld, (that being imagination), I write what I see, think about and love whilst there. This is why my works are so varied. I do not conform to the norm as far as what is expected of an author. Is that a crime? It would seem so. For whilst imagination is boundless, limitless, and its expression finds form in the books I produce, to market them, there appears to be a wall to over come. Genre. For most writers, this is not a problem. They have their target audience in mind and writing formula prepared, and are generally content with their lot. Good for them I say. If it works, why mess with it? But I refuse to be pigeon holed. Why should I be? Big problem for me! Does it devalue the content of my novels and story books though? I think not. That most readers struggle with the concept of an author being able to write for more than one type of audience, I find most perplexing. Perhaps they think writers are incapable of writing for more than one age group or genre. I would like to prove them wrong. Is that possible? What do you think? Should I confine myself to one continent in the world of imagination? Or continue to explore? To seek out those regions where anything and everything is possible? What ever you think, let me know. But one thing is for certain, there are more books to come from me, and they will challenge other boundaries!

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