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Attention book lovers!

If you're looking for something different to read your children or for your children to read themselves, look no further than Goodreads for recommendations! For some good ideas, check out this link: Alternatively visit: to discover what Apollo has to offer. #reviewapollosbooks #stitch #thenix #tarsha #wheretocross #thesnoffs #clevermrcat #thetroops


Having dusted off this old publication, that was little more than a short booklet, I have revised and expanded it, and am proud to announce, its re-launch after 27 years in obscurity! Learmerickish is my first adult only publication and worlds apart from the type of books you may have come to expect from me. For those of you who never discovered or even heard of this publication back in 1996, and are wondering what to expect, I will tell you it contains personal observations,

Why should I?

Being a traveller of the otherworld, (that being imagination), I write what I see, think about and love whilst there. This is why my works are so varied. I do not conform to the norm as far as what is expected of an author. Is that a crime? It would seem so. For whilst imagination is boundless, limitless, and its expression finds form in the books I produce, to market them, there appears to be a wall to over come. Genre. For most writers, this is not a problem. They have thei


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the most recent collaboration between Apollo Stark and Sarah Tuk, called 'The Nix', is now published and available to buy. You can get the hardback, A4 landscape version from the Lulu Bookstore priced £11.43 by simply following this link: Alternatively it can be bought from Amazon as an A5 landscape, paperback versi

On Goodreads...

Finally, Stitch, Where to Cross, Tarsha, The Snoffs, Clever Mr Cat and The Troops are available to order and review on Goodreads. Apollo will also be available on their site to answer any author questions you may have on a weekly basis, though his main blog will continue to be through his website which is linked to twitter, facebook, linkedin and instagram. Visit: #reviewapollostarksbooks #authorapollo #Stitch #clevermrcat #thetroops #thesnoffs

A Stark Collection?

Here it is folks, the first snapshot of all Apollo Stark's picture books for young children that have been produced in the last year or so. These lovely A4 landscape, hardback books are currently only available to buy through the Lulu Bookstore, but later this year will also be purchasable as paperbacks on Amazon. As soon as the release dates are finalised we will let you know. Meanwhile, Apollo Stark and Sarah Tuk have been working on an addition to the collection. Updates o

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