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Stitch 3 underway.

Hi everyone I just thought you might like to know that I have begun work on the third book in the Stitch series: Stitch Resurrection. Get prepared for fresh surprises and revelations! An ancient celestial clock is ticking. An old rival returns. The weave is drawn upon for evil purposes and Maisie Evan's ultimate battle is coming! If you haven't already read the first book in this series, now is the time to grab your free copy on Amazon Kindle unlimited. Alternatively, the e-

On Goodreads...

Finally, Stitch, Where to Cross, Tarsha, The Snoffs, Clever Mr Cat and The Troops are available to order and review on Goodreads. Apollo will also be available on their site to answer any author questions you may have on a weekly basis, though his main blog will continue to be through his website which is linked to twitter, facebook, linkedin and instagram. Visit: #reviewapollostarksbooks #authorapollo #Stitch #clevermrcat #thetroops #thesnoffs

Clever Mr Cat is back!

Apollo Stark is proud to announce that his book 'Clever Mr Cat is now in a totally new format and available to buy on Amazon in A5 paperback. Price: £4.99 To check it out and order your copy please follow this link: #reviewapollostarksbooks #authorapollo To see all of Apollo's books in one place, please visit his website: On ou

New look Tarsha

Until now, 'Tarsha' by Apollo Stark has only been available to buy as an A4 hardback on the Lulu bookstore. I am pleased to announce it is now also available on Amazon in an A5 paperback format. Price £4.99 To check it out either visit Apollo's website at or follow this link to buy it on Amazon. Thank you. #revi

Learning where to cross takes on a new dimension!

Apollo Stark's road safety tale for children, is now available to buy in A5 paperback format on Amazon. Price £4.99 Find out how Tiny Toad manages to cross the road safely in this tale which was delightfully illustrated by Sumitra Lokras. To order a copy please follow this link: #reviewapollostarksbooks #authorapollo #w

Knitting is out of this world!

Since the third lockdown Granny's all over the UK have been knitting, creating 'hats' for post boxes to brighten everyone's day. The one in these pictures popped up recently in my local area. Did it fly in from a galaxy far, far away? Or, does its maker have the 'spark', the ability to connect with the weave of creation? and like the Granny in my novel called STITCH, possess a magic pair of needles capable of knitting the most amazing things? Whatever the case, I'm sure peopl

Cast out. Reel in! I'm officially a Pod bod!

David Edward, Author and Host of the Frequency 99 Podcast, kindly invited me to talk about 'Stitch'. I don't profess to be interviewee material but was excited to give it a go. With some erms, more erms and a smattering of erms for good measure, I hope I gave a reasonable interview without coming across as a total twonk. Let me know! Answers must be written on vellum and posted by first class Chittergoon flight delivery. Alternatively, drop me a social media message! Here's t

Snoffs are vain creatures!

A snoffish tale indeed! Please follow the link below to purchase your copy of this lovely A4 hardback book. To view all my books please visit: #reviewapollostarksbooks #teenfiction #authorapollo