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Putting books on shelves

During these trying times, when so many libraries are having to make cuts to their services due to lack of attendance and funding, and some are sadly being forced to close, I would like to give a big thank you to Slough central library at The Curve for supporting me by stocking my books in their children's section. Hopefully, in the future, we will also be able to provide them with story-telling times, book signings and workshops.

In the meantime, when I can, I will be making my books available in other libraries and will keep you all posted as to where and when.

In the new year, with production costs permitting it is my goal to see some, if not all my books, gracing a small selection of specialist bookshop shelves around the country. A lofty aim for such a small, independent enterprise I hear you say, but it is one I dare to think possible, though, in such financially troubling times for everyone, I am personally struggling to achieve book sales. Tiny profit margins make reinvestment impossible and marketing diverts me from my true love, writing. Still, I will not be deterred. I believe in my products and will find the time one way or another to keep writing and promote my work, for to see a child's eyes light up when they open one of my books is worth more to me than all the pennies in Queendom.

All my books can be found at: Please show your support by visiting my website, leave reviews on social media and of course, buy my publications.

Thank you so much,

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