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Precious time.

Writing, is my passion. Each moment I get to do it is precious to me. Those moments are hard to come by for I have two jobs, and both are full time. One, being a gardener, (the job title simplifies what my actual role and duties are), is paid and puts the proverbial bread on the table. The other, writing, publishing and marketing my books, is a labour of love. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for the latter!

Tempus fugit. Time flies, and I am constantly running to try and keep up with mt endeavours in the hope that one day, in the not to distance future, maybe, just maybe, a spark of interest will ignite a demand for my books. I don't need fame or fortune. A modest income would suffice. Enough for me to buy the time to write, I so desperately crave. Is that asking too much?

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