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Going to be ...ish!

Here's a quick glimpse of a work in progress which will be bolting from the Apollo Stark stable of books in the hopefully not to distant future!

The accompanying image is the original concept for the cover created by Sarah Tuk, who has also produced the final version that is yet to be made public. The book is a collection of limericks and will contain illustrations for each piece The drawings are done by Apollo Stark in Indian ink, using a pencil and a fountain pen to recreate a similar feel to those done by Edward Lear himself, though Stark's have a more contemporary feel. An example sketch features below.

The limericks therein will contain double entendres but no profanities, and will attempt to be in keeping with the humour and crazy style of Edward Lear...ish! Hence the title and 'ish' being the operative suffix. This book is far from Apollo's usual work as it is intended for adults. It contains some risque images and dark themes unsuitable for his normal readership. Though his main passion is to write for children and young adults, he wanted to do something different, something out of the box a children's author wouldn't normally do, write a tribute of sorts to one of the many authors he admires. So, do you think he is wrong to be producing such a book?

We look forward hearing what you think.

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