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Apollo has landed!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. After a year long slog to produce the books on this website, in collaboration with several wonderful illustrators, I felt it was time to don my spacesuit and launch them and myself into cyberspace! These eclectic works are the culmination of various influences, some of which you will hopefully recognise. Whilst most authors write for a specific audience or

in a particular genre, I try to elude being pigeon holed. Instead, I let the winds of inspiration blow me in whatever direction they will. A crazy notion? Perhaps, but each time I take up the pen, I find myself on an exciting journey, a fresh destination ahead of me, another trip of discovery. Come Join me on my travels and explore new worlds as they reveal themselves to me.

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Samuel Langley
Samuel Langley
Nov 26, 2021

A step in a new direction and only time will tell where you you go a bit like Sar trek boldly going where no one has gone before.


Great that you now have a website to share your work with the world!

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