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Stitching away!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

I'm focusing on completing the second book in the Stitch series I've been working on. Given I have a third synopsis and cover ready for Stitch to be a trilogy, there should be no holding me back! Exactly a year ago I published the first book and I think, whilst I've been busy publishing several children's picture books in the meantime, the sequel is long overdue! I've just hit the 77,750 word mark on 'The Re-Stitched' first draft and it's still climbing. At the moment, I expect it to be in excess of 85,000 words, much longer than its predecessor! Hopefully, I will do Maisie Evans justice by recounting her wild adventure's! As for the plot? At the moment I don't wish to give away much, but I will say the story becomes much darker and gorier. Monsters will abound. An evil corporation will seek to obtain Xamna's magic needles, and science will verse magic for control over humanity's future! Interested? Message me if you want to know more! #therestitched

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