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Along side other books I have been working on, I recently revised and re-vamped this story which I first wrote, illustrated, then published in 1997.

With tri-coloured illustrations, which were originally plain black and white, and freshly revised verses, this second edition of my old classic makes for a great bedtime story for your little ones. The book is still in the production stage of being published, so please check my blogs and posts for an update on when it will be officially launched, its cost and links to where it can be purchased.

If your children love rhyming stories, then 'The Witch's Cauldron' by Apollo Stark is certainly one for them.

Once published, my website will be updated with the books background info and possibly an accompanying video/audio. In the meantime, please check out the other great titles i have to offer by visiting:

I look forward to announcing the publication of this book shortly, but in the meantime, please consider the pictures in this blog. I would welcome any feedback you might have on my style of illustrating.

My best wishes to you all,

or as they say in Wiccan circles,

Blessed be!

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