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Hi my fine fellows, or is it finite friends? (I need to work on those numbers!) I apologise for my laxity in blogging of late, (again, I best work on that!), but it is not without good reason. I've been working on several new books, two of which are to be published very shortly once I get over the formatting issues that have recently been thrown in my face.

I'm pleased to say my collaborative work with Sarah Tuk, called The Nix should be ready to be launched within the next week or so, providing I can find the hours to put in. (Wishing here that I was a timelord!) The book will be available in A4 hardback landscape and A5 paperback.

The second book I am working on, Stitch Too (the re-stitched) will hopefully be released as a paperback in the next fortnight or so pending proof reading and final edit. The e-book for Stitch Too is proving to be an issue at the moment though, as Kindle is proving a problem regarding the a font I created to express the thoughts of a character within the novel called Topsy-Turvey, who is a sentient house. Whilst the font is embedded in the physical copies of the book, I am having to look at work arounds for the kindle edition as they prefer their default font of Bookerly. I am told this is so readers can choose which font they want to read in. To me, it just proves the point that there's no substitute for a real, paper and ink book! Nevertheless, I look forward o launching both very soon. I'll let you all know when they are available to buy, where from, and crucially, at what price!

Right, I best get back to it, or I'll never get back on to the three other books I've failed to mention that I'm working on, or the promotional side of things which gets in the way of doing what I love best, which is to write!

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