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A missing hand....

Yes, a missing hand! I guess you might be thinking spoiler alert, and to a small degree you would be right, but not in the sense of my giving away any plot details. The spoiler is something quite different and saddens me deeply, for there are those who will miss out on a part of this story. Not in words, but nevertheless in the text, in the font type which is in the printed version of this book.

Having created my own font, a scribble, a scrawl, the scruffy hand of character within the story, I was horrified to find Kindle has other ideas regarding what font should be suitable for their platform. They do not like an author to publish in the font they choose and expect them to accept the default font of their choice, namely Bookerly. I completely understand a reader's need to resize a font, but Kindle's stance is that a reader should also be able to choose font style they want to read in. I think this line of thought is detrimental to the integrity of a writer's work. The font they write in is apart of their self expression, an integral part of the atmosphere they seek to create. Unlike any other publishing platform, an authors work cannot be uploaded for publication in their chosen font style on Kindle. Whilst they do not directly deny a writer the option to use their own font, they do not make it easy to do so. So, whilst I've made changes to accommodate this issue in the e-book format for Stitch Too, I wanted my readership to be aware of this. Here's an excerpt from Stitch Too, in which the font I made is featured.

Eek!! The real spoiler! But not so much so you won't want to read the book, I hope!

Click on this link to find out more!

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