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A matter for chatter

Here's a little insight into one of several books currently being worked on by the eccentric writer Apollo Stark.

Apollo is recompiling and expanding a collection of works that he wrote and published in 1995. Originally penned under his real name of Andrew Seeby, and for his son's personal entertainment, 'A Matter of Chatter', became his first ever publication, a fact he is still immensely proud of despite only producing a limited print run of 100 copies at the time. Although all copies of the book sold at £!.50 each during the public recital performances he gave, unfortunately production and publicising costs made it unviable for him to print further runs. Whilst Apollo continued to promote his writing through public appearances and workshops in the hope of getting a mainstream publishing deal, the book itself was shelved as he moved on to other writing projects and workshops. Now, 28 years on, print on demand has made its revival possible!

Breathing new life into this old collection of rhymes, verse and nonsense, Apollo is revising and expanding 'A Matter of Chatter' to create a second edition, which will feature some entirely new pieces and completely fresh illustrations, whilst still containing many of his obscure classics, such as: Royal mayhem, Hullabaloo and Two muddle some.

Apollo promises this exciting reboot to be as fun to read and as easy to recite as the original, and hopes that in some small way it will help keep the grand tradition of nursery rhyme writing alive. So, watch this space for updates on its progress, glimpses of new content and when it will be available. In the meantime, if you wish to purchase or discover more about Apollo and his books visit:

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